VNN 62.3

VNN 62.3 Programs: Doi Song Tam Linh, Sinh Hoat QLVNCH, Thoi Su Quoc Te, Healthcare Reform, Phu Nu & Gia Dinh, Em Hau Phuong & Anh Tien Tien, Bao Hiem, Lop Hoc Bac si Ly Huynh Sanh,…
which mean in English: Vietnamese meetings, World News, Healthcare Reform, Woman & Family, Heath Related, Insurance,…

VNN Little Saigon, Cali –  VNN 62.3 in Vietnamese

VNN 62.3Hosted by Ngo The Lang, Duong Dai Hai, Thai Chau, Vu Thieu, Le Dung, Viet Thang, Vo Dai Duc, Ly Tong Ba, Lan Kim, Hoang Kim Thanh, Duke, Uyen, My Thuy, Ngoc Suong,…

Contact information:  Dai VNN 62.3, Little Saigon, California, email:

There is no website yet.

As last month reviewing, it seems this network is no longer broadcast daily news on YouTube.

That’s all we can retrieved about VNN 62.3.  So, we’ll update as soon as possible when we have more information about them.

We will add more stuffs soon.  Remember to stop by often.

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