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  1. Typhoon Wipha Kills At Least 13 in Japan
  2. Death Toll Rises to 107 in Philippines Quake
  3. Report Says Recurring Financial Crises Have Hurt US Economy
  4. US Veterans Urge Lawmakers to Resolve Differences, End Shutdown
  5. School Lunches Take Healthy Turn
  6. Attention Shifts to US Senate Leaders in Budget Showdown
  7. Japan Politics Loom Over ANA Choice Between Airbus, Boeing
  8. Khmer Rouge Tribunal Begins Closing Statements
  9. US Government Shutdown Forces Closure of Antarctica Research Stations
  10. Study: Cookies as Addictive as Cocaine
  11. Quest to Offer Genetic Test for Breast Cancer Risk
  12. School Lunches Join Farm-to-Table Trend
  13. US Debt Deal Optimism Boosts Shares, Dollar
  14. U.S. Debt Doubts Keep Lid on Shares
  15. Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake Rocks Philippines
  16. House Republicans to Announce Budget Deal
  17. House Preparing New Proposal on US Fiscal Standoff
  18. Senate Leaders Optimistic About Reaching Deal on Debt Ceiling, Shutdown or

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