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Do you know how many Vietnamese including mixed people around the world?

Here is what we got when retrieving.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau News on March 27, 2013, there is an estimation of 1.9 million Vietnamese living in the United States. Many sources estimate that there is 5+ million Vietnamese around the world other than Vietnam.

People (immigrants) who are living in western countries like US, Canada, France, England,… are 4+ million; people who are living eastern countries excluding Vietnam are 1+ million; and 90+ million people who are living in Vietnam.

There is one more record which many people may forget; that is, 1+ million Vietnamese died for the word “freedom” largely died at the sea.

Do you know how much you can get when exchanging your dollar to Vietnam dollar (dong)?

Some of you might become a richer or a millionaire. :-) How?

Go to and scroll down where “Finance News” is and you will see what we mean and how to be called rich, but anyway, here we show you how.

For instance, $1 USD = $21,075 VND; $1,000 USD = 21,075,000 VND, now you’ve 21 million dollars and you’re a millionaire; $100,000 USD = $2,107,500,000, s.e..e… now you’re a billionaire (2+ billions). :) :) :) Is it nice?

Do you want to learn how to cook your own food especially Vietnamese daily eating?

If so, here are some place you can get information about how to cook including recipes, cooking videos from popular celebrity chefs, cooking videos from behind the screen chefs,… is where you can get recipes from popular cooking videos. is where there is a bunch of information about cooking channels of people around the world in many languages like Vietnamese, Chinese, English,… is boat of cooking videos which you might love it.

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